Mobile Application Development

Keeping the globle needs of mobile in mind SVM Infotech is also proving different mobile solutions for its clients. We know that our customers needs are different who is dealing in mobile business solution. So we are working with a team of experts with great experience to turn great ideas in to reality which comes in the form of mobile solutions.

Our area of work in mobile solution ara as follows.

Mobile Application development :

  • Business Tools like Inventory Tracking.
  • Utility applications with WAP/Bluetooth/GPRS connectivity.
  • SMS Applications based on authentication support, keywords such as Auto Responders.
  • Location Based–Navigators, City Guides.
  • Multimedia Apps including Codec Integration, Camera Capture.

Mobile Game development :

  • WAP Charging Based
  • Multiplayer
  • 2D and 3D Graphics
  • Multi Device Support
  • Effective use of commercial grade engines for security and performance
  • Delivery Framework for offering upgrades, complete admin and Suite of Games